Why am I not receiving any followers or likes?

Please ensure that you have your profile visibility to public and not private. The process may also take up to a week or two, perhaps longer, please be patient while the app is in its infancy.

I'm seeing “Rate Limit” or “Unknown Error” warnings.

Please wait a while before performing the function. Alternatively you can try, go into Settings from the menu and selecting “Delete my data from this app” then try logging in again. Please note everything will be removed including your coins, please spend them before doing this.

Why can't I see who unfollowed me or blocked me?

This app only starts tracking unfollowers and other information from the moment you open it.

Does the app follow/like other accounts without my permission?

Our app does not store your account password and does not perform any action without your consent.

I think my account is hacked or used without my consent

If you believe another app is following or liking posts without your permission, we recommend you delete you data from within this app and change your password. You should also deauthorise any apps that you do not recognise by logging into the original Instagram website.

How can I remove my account from this app?

Within the "settings" menu, select "Delete my data from this app" - your account information is then deleted from our servers. If you would like to make sure nobody else is using your account, we recommend changing your password and deauthorise any apps that you do not recognise by logging into the social media website.

I have a 500+ userbase and the app is'nt working correctly.

This app has only been tested using a userbase below 500, any problems arising from an account with more users are to continue at thier own risk.

Some of the information is wrong.

Sometimes like us, the app gets things wrong. Please use discretion when using the information curated by this app.

Icons disclaimer.

Some icons found within the app are courtesy of Icons8 and Freepik, please give them a visit.